Sunday, 19 July 2015


I just can't get enough of this burnt orange colour. It is in ever shop I pop in, right there in my face like... Look Carli this should be your new colour...

It is very very Autumnal, and I think that is why I am so drawn to it. Such a warming colour and I  think of those leaves crunching beneath my feet.. But wait it's still summer. I am wishing my seasons away.

I can dream though, and start getting my autumn wardrobe in now can't I?

1. I love a good culotte these days. I always thought it was a strange look for me to 'get my ankles out' as I never really knew what type of shoe to wear with culottes. I believe I am one step further to mastering that which means HELLO Floral Culottes.

2. Again I am new to the hat game. I have a love/hate relationship with them. This Floppy Hat has really turned my head - Yup! I just did that.

3. I am in need of a new bag. Arn't girls always in need of a new bag? I have done red. I have done brown. I fancied a mix. This Slim Cross Body Bag from Urban Country Bags could just be the one. Wouldn't it just compliment my new wish list? Ohhhhh yes it most certainly would.

4. I actually went shopping the other day. Shock! Horror! For some summer holiday clothes and there I was away from all the summery styles and over by the knitwear. I spotted this Plait Jumper and instantly fell in love. This is a must for me to buy.

5. This wish list is full of firsts for me and I am loving it. I saw these Tassel Drop Loop Earrings and thought they would go amazing with a plain T-Shirt. A sort of casual dressy look without trying too hard. I love the orange colour with the gold.

6. I am also new to 'get my toes out' along with the 'get my ankles out'. I would love to get all of these body parts out if I had a pair of these orange Sling Back Sandals on my trotters.

7. Boden's new collection is finally here!! I couldn't fit all of their new garments on this wish list so picked out one of my favourite casual pieces. This Lightweight Boatneck is a Summer/Autumn staple in my eyes. 

8. And last but not least. Something a little raunchy :) I am loving a good piece of underwear recently. I mean I have been living in granny pants for the last I don't know how many years. It was time for a change and I would feel like a new tea lady in this Lace Bra.

What are your thoughts on this colour? I am totally in love x


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