Sunday, 5 July 2015


I am off on my jolly's in just under two weeks and these are my must haves to keep me feeling A-OK!

I am a girl of simplicity so this should be a good list for anyone who is as low maintenance as me.

1. Gotta keep them lips nourished, nothing worse than chapped dry lips in this summer sun. I love Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm the perfect size to pop in your bag. 2. Every girl needs a holiday colour and yellow is right up my street. I have never tried Wah London Nails before and think it's about time 3. The sun range from NO7 has my heart and I have got the WHOLE sun range ready and put away. Always a high SPF for me as I am a pale pale girl. Always get a specialist face cream for your face and don't use just normal sun tan cream. The Protect & Perfect Facial Sun Protection is my staple. 4. 'These eye's - cry every night" Well they would but not when my peepers are covered during the day to keep the sun's rays at bay. Protect them eyes guys, you only get one pair. Get this summer look with these sunglasses from New Look.

5.This Magnitone Lucid has been on my list for quite some time. I am in desperate need for a new exfoliation brush and I have been lusting over this yellow one. Fall into my arms Magnitude Lucid. This is perfect to pop in my suitcase being the handy little size it is. 6. My hair gets all dry and brittle in the sun, so a specialist shampoo keeps my locks looking shiny and hydrated. This L'oreal Professionnel Solar Sublime is a must. 7. I must be on my 4th bottle of this Clarins One-Step Cleanser. It is perfect for my skin as I don't really like creams or oily toners. This has everyhting in you need and last for ages. 8. Every week I love a good face pamper session and again NO7 never disappoints. Pop on this Beautiful Skin Energising Mask for an instant boost and you are all ready for summer.

And you can't do summer without a new outfit or two...

This little number is one of my favourites from Boden - And guess what it's only in the blooming sale! I love this Seatown Shirt Dress.

Every girl NEEDS shoes and accessories. I have been lusting over some Espadrille's and think these would be perfect for a summer evening. Accompanied by this lovely Milan Clutch Bag with adjustable strap - now thats my kinda bag,

What are you summer must haves to keep you looking fresh?



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