Friday, 17 July 2015


Another week, another Tea Lady Wears. I know, I know, and to think I was scared to death about how I would look when attempting to take photos for fashion posts. Where would I take my photos? How would I edit them? Would I have the guts to even post them out? And here I am in Middlesbrough's unpredictable summer on a wet, wet weekday in July.

But let me tell you the sun did shine eventually and I am pretty sure it was because I got my pale ass pins out to show you my latest love from Blue Vanilla.

This Liana Butterfly Playsuit* from Blue Vanilla is just the sweetest.

The shape pulls you right in with the little ribbon on the waist. I always like a little help around there to make myself feel better. You are meant to wear this round the back but I liked the little detailing at the front

I am not really a fan of getting my arms out if my legs are out. I know, it's a silly rule but I don't like too much flesh on show. So it's one or the other I'm afraid. Unless I am somewhere super hot and then that is a a whole new ball game my friends.

I felt sooo floaty in this all day long. Not one for dark colours, this comes in nude too, but I think I may have been turned to the dark side.

These 3.5 length sleeves are a lovely fit just below the elbow to give me the perfect 'elbow coverage'. Is that a thing? It is now.


If you have not heard of Blue Vanilla before, why not pop over? They have a summer sale on with up to 50% off so you can still grab yourself a summer bargain.

I love a good playsuit. What are your guys summer staples? X



  1. Ahhh the photos turned out so well!! 😍 Worth standing in the rain for hahaha! x

    1. Thanks for the comment Pennie ;) - Turned out soon well... See you same time next win for a Biffa photoshoot? x

  2. Replies
    1. Awwww you.. out by the bins.... you know me!! Glam! Glam! Glam x


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