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I am a huge foodie. I love food. I love talking about food. I love looking at food. Around 90% of my conversations always end up talking about it. Like, this is no joke. This is why I surround myself with fellow food lovers.

I decided to get on board with the #wastelessjourney campaign and came up with this.

I never thought I was fussy when it came to food, but I guess I am. I have always been one to cook from scratch and I thoroughly love the whole process. From having the ingredients right there in front of me to chopping, mixing, stirring to before you know it the final product - that you can eat! My favourite pastime hands down.

I always buy fresh so have to think of a few meals that I know can be cooked up within a few days of purchase. I have cupboards full of dull staples that I tend to fill my basket with every time I go shopping just incase I actually manage to get through those 8 cans of plum tomatoes or 45 cans of chickpeas... We all do it, right?!

There are also those little bits in the fridge that you have only used half of that just gets thrown away.
Half of last nights onion from the extra spicy fajitas I made. Half a lemon that I had to use for my Corona because nowhere seemed to sell limes. Well I HATE waste. Like I really do. I feel a little bit of my soul getting thown away with the wrinkled mushrooms that I need to dispose of.

So I thought I would change that today! I had seen a recipe that I had wanted to try out for a while. So with the basic recipe and the odds and ends I found in my fridge and cupbaords I made this. I kid you not the BEST brunch since I posted this out well over year ago.

Quit the chat Carli and get to the recipe.

Ohhhh one thing to make this wasteless number even more ironic - my other half came down and thought it was all to put in the bin and thought I had cleared out the fridge... sooooooo I really have done what I set out to do in the campaign.

You will need:

2 large potatoes
2 tablespoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder - I didn't have this so adapt adapt adapt! I used a teaspoon of garlic puree.
1/2 teaspoon of salt
4 eggs
2 good dollops of salsa - this is where I decide to use up the rest of my fridge contents. Go ahead and use pre made salsa but I will show you how I whipped up this simple recipe to use up all of that waste.
Handful of grated cheddar - I had a few slices of Gouda cheese left from my cheese and toast craving last week.
2 tablespoons of butter

Salsa - You can pop whatever you want in this. If I had peppers I would have added them and maybe a little avocado if I didn't eat the last one yesterday, but you get the picture. Waste not want not.

You will need:

Tin of plum tomatoes or chopped if that's what your larder holds.
Half a red onion - all I had left.
Handful of asparagus - I would have used green beans or anything that was lying around.
4 mushrooms - these are slightly brown but a quick wash and they were super fine
Oil - 2 tablespoons of whatever you have. I had some Coconut oil left.

Ok let's do this. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees.

Chop up your pots into small cubes.

Then add your oil, smoked paprika. garlic puree and give it a good old mix around.

Pop them into a roasting tin and pop in for 30-40 mins till they are minutes till they are crispy and all yummy.

While the pots are roasting away you can get chopping for your salsa. Again you can pop whatever you want in. You can have this hot or cold. It's your #wastelessjourney remember.

I chopped up half an onion, mushrooms and asparagus. A little Asparagus tip for ya - Asparagus tips - oh how that wasn't mean to be a joke! If you go to bend them in half they will snap. The bottom bit's you can throw away because they will taste real woody.

You can do this because it's a kind of waste of waste. Not just waste. Ohhhhh so much waste.

Fry up your little bits in some oil. I used coconut oil as I had some left. This did flavour it quite a lot so if you don't like coconut maybe hold off on this. You could use veg oil, sunflower, garlic or chilli oil.

Pour in them tomatoes with a little bit of juice.

Let this all simmer down reduce so you have a nice thick salsa.

Now to scramble them eggs.

Add a little butter into the pan and give them a stir. You don't want to over cook the eggs as they do keep cooking. I remember Gordon Ramsey telling me this one late evening watching Jonathon Ross. I have such a good social life on a weekend you see.

Your eggs should look a little like this.

Add a little lemon to your salsa.

Your pots should be done and out the oven.

Plate them up.

Pop on a dollop or two of salsa.

Spoon over some egg.

Then add your cheese. Mine was slices as that's all I had left so I rolled it and chopped it to sprinkle on top. I then put this under the grill to melt and added a little salt and pepper.

Bob's your Uncle. Fanny's your Aunt.

I kid you not all of this was in my house. Along with 3 other jars of various paprika.

I sort of played by ear with this - it did turn out pretty well. Maybe a little too much salsa but you can pop that in the fridge to dip in those tortilla chips this eve.

I havn't even got a name for this so please leave me a comment on what you think this little dish should be called x


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