Friday, 19 June 2015


Annddddddd I managed to catch up! HURRAY!

One whole day or organising or trying to organise my online life paid off.

So what am I waiting for? You all really want to see the yummies all you Tea Bee's devoured in the month of May.

Well here you go... We served up a  truck load of afternoon tea's.

We have some new neighbours too! Hi The Bear Hug!

Not wanting to name names *cough* Katharine *cough* but one of them has a super sweet tooth.

Que many of Katherine's cake photo's flooding our Instagram :) Keep them coming girl!

Tea Lady Jessie got some super photo's this month. 

She sipped on some tea and took the sweetest little photograph of our tea house before opening.

Too cute.

A huge thank's again for tagging and sending us your Tea Bee photo's. We LOVE to see what teats you have been loving.

So heres the thank you's and we really mean them. Haleema25, Penniesharp, Vintageousrags, Sarahbreen, Yorkiej, Pigeonhollingowrth, Karendowson22, Ashleighmannx, Katharineelisao, Daisiesblue and Patrick Monahan - you know that Comedian Guy :)

Thank you, Thank you, could I say Thank you anymore in this post? Thank You? X


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