Saturday, 20 June 2015


Something amazing has landed in Teesside in the form of a new Barker and Stonehouse. Not only can you lose yourself in there for a good 2 hours - I really did! You can stay for lunch, put your feet up and get treated like a princess with flowing fizz and pink cupcakes.

You really gotta go see this place for yourself.

Situated in Teesside park, a 5 minute drive from Middlesbrough, this beauty welcomes you into the shopping park with open arms. This place is huge!

I popped along for Afternoon Tea with Tea Lady Pennie and we got lost in our own little Barker & Stonehouse world.

Bubbles on arrival and a very warm welcome.

 I thought it best to take a seat on this low super cute sofa. Take a load off my feet.

BAG // H&M - SHOES // NEW LOOK - £24.99

We had a good snoop around, with the store laid out amazingly you really feel like you bagged yourself a new apartment. Totally feels like home.

I was more drawn to the industrial, wooden pieces rather than the pristine look. Only because I dream of a home that is forever tidy and that is NEVER going to happen.

The ground floor really has to be my favourite. 
Those clocks are unbelieveable and the scale of the wall is just HUGE.

Popping upstairs to the second floor you really get the feel of how grand this place is. The glass staircase really lets the light move through this store.

Then off we went up to the second floor, you know the one where you can look over all of the wares while sipping on a gin afternoon tea or having a pot of tea in Chadwick & Co.

My new favourite place for a snack mid week. The interior is so sweet with everything all mismatched just the way I like it. The wooden walls really make this for me, The colours are really warm and it feels a million miles away from a furniture store. This is THE best furniture store I may add. They have just set up some outside seating too so you can watch the world go buy.

Barker and Stonehouse is a little out of my budget but I will forever come to swoon and stroke their furniture -  but a girl can only dream right...

The staff really make you feel right at home and are super friendly and help with anything you need.

Here are few of my top picks under £100.




Thank you Barker and Stonehouse for a fun filled afternoon. I will most certainly be back to look and lounge on your wares x



  1. Gorgeous! Next time I'm in Middlesbrough I'm definitely going to go for a look round. We have one in Newcastle too, with a very cute café run by Oak that does amazing cakes - the best part is no one realises it's there so it's really quite and peaceful (

    Chloe x

    1. Yes do. The food in there is amazing! I will take a peek at that one :) x

  2. Such a gorgeous day!! We're so classy! Haha! x

    1. Thanks for the comment Pennie :) We are soon classy x x

  3. Ooh we are a barker and stonehouse family! It really is a case of getting what you pay for the quality is outstanding this looks like a fab afternoon

    1. I love it! So many amazing pieces. Yes you can tell :) Had a brilliant afternoon.. need to pop back soon for some yummy afternoon tea I think x

  4. My house if full of Barker and Stonehouse so i had to pay a visit here! You were right I loved their afternoonn tea! Gorgeous photos Carli - as usual :) xxx

    Beth @ Polished Couture

    1. I thought you would love it! So glad you payed a visit. Have the Afternoon Tea post coming soon *Drool* Thanks Beth x


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