Friday, 13 February 2015


We are feeling a little spring in our step in the tea house this month. We have had one day of glorious sunshine which means the winter chill will be behind us soon - we hope.

What better tea to welcome the sun into our hearts than none other than Pomegranate and Hibiscus.


Little kernels of green leaves, packed full of flavour and antioxidants.

A green gunpowder tea mixed with pomegranate and hibiscus gives this brew a subtle, tart taste.

We love this little blend at tea house HQ and it is becoming a staple in many of your tea bee visits too.

With plenty of room in our biodegradable, unbleached tea sacs, this tea really packs a punch and expands in the sac letting the flavour infuse your brew.

So grab yourself your favourite china cup.

And matching (in our case miss matching) saucer and your are ready to pour.

We brewed this pot for 4 minutes with it being a green tea and a stronger flavour. The colour is very light as you pour but as your tea cup fills up you see it for all its glory. A lovely light green tea with hints of orange and yellow once it's infused.

If the tea needs a little bit of sweetness, just pop in a cube of the sweet stuff.

Eli loves visiting the tea house and eating all the cake. Isn't he such a cutie.

 This tea is perfect start to your day and will boost your metabolism too.

You can pop in store for a bag of this delight or visit our etsy store by clicking here.

£5.00 for 50g - £9.00 for 100g

Happy brewing tea lovers x


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