Thursday, 22 January 2015


Tea lady life has been CRAZY!! December just disappeared off the face off the earth in a puff of smoke. We had the busiest month ever at the tea house. We moved to a bigger shop, took on a fair few extra tea ladies and baked more cakes that you could ever imagine.

Instead of cramming our christmas party in in December. We decided to hold it in January because that's normal right?

What a blooming great idea though...all christmas things are half price so we went over board on decorations to make this meal very very christmasy indeed.

All us girls wanted was a good old roast. So we headed to a lovely little pub called The Masham in Hartburn, only 10 mins away from Middlesbrough, for said roast, a few wines and lots of desserts.

 We kicked it off in style with a bottle of prosecco and a toast - to lots of hardwork!

 We pulled crackers in true christmas style and laughed at unfunny Christmas jokes.

Then lunch arrived and let me tell you. This is the best sunday lunch I have had in a very lonnnnnnng time!

 Perfect portions and an option for gluten free gravy too.

 Plenty of vegetables for us hungry tea ladies.

 And off they went to tuck in and steal all of the cabbage.

 There was no stopping us eating every single thing that was put in front of us.

Look at this wonderful piece of art! The Yorkshire pudding was amazing. The beef just melted in your mouth. I love a good roastie too and this little whipper-snapper did not disappoint.

Lunch made us all a little crazy.

We have never been so quiet before. 

Until we were finished and then the conversation started to flow about how much more we think we could eat.

 Clean plates all round.

Then we all decided that dessert was most definitely in order.

Apple and Rhubarb crumble for Maddy.

Sticky toffee pudding for rachel and I.

And chocolate orange cheesecake for the two cheesecake fanatics Jessie and Fliss.

This little pub is delightful. Lovely and small and filled with character. It is best to book if you are heading over for Sunday Lunch as it does get really busy.

As we left the sky was clear and amazing. 

Nights like this spent with the ladies are the best nights. Plenty of laughter, food and drinks. What better way to spend our Christmas meal... in January.

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