Wednesday, 28 January 2015


This is just how it goes. I am sat with a cold and my nose won't stop dribbling. I can't wipe it anymore because I think it could very possible fall off. It's January and it sucks. Christmas has come and gone and I am settling back into tea life and whatever life is throwing at me. Such as gale force winds, hail stones and snow. This is not a good look while wearing a tea dress and having a tea house on what is most definitely the windiest street in Middlesbrough... very very possibly the UK.

So I shall continue to feel sorry myself, drinking tea and eating far too many cream eggs. It's nearly Easter and that always makes me a happy bunny - oh my.

I never feel ill, I really, really don't have time to be ill. I don't even like the word ill, because when you try to spell it on a good old iPhone it says III. I mean what is that? It's not a word, just some Roman numerals.

Holy Carli, slow down. I think I am getting a bit delirious over here being full to the brim with cold and flu. I'm going to reign it in show you a list of places I want to visit this year. Because basically sitting in an orange pug jumper and leopard print pyjama bottoms is just not really doing it for me right now.

Here goes... If you have been to any of these places or better still live there, feel free to give me some hidden little gems to go visit.


I have wanted to visit Norway ever since I met a good old Norwegian friend a few years back, who was also an avid tea drinker. He was nuts and looked a lot like princess Diana, it was friendship at first sight. I do want to visit Oslo (we get really cheap flights from the North East) and see what the capital has to offer, but then I want to head off to Bergen. It looks like one of the most picturesque places on my list to try and see some Northern lights, eat some delish food and visit one of the most expensive countries in the world.. because why not?


I have visited Portugal quite a few times and always been down in the Algarve. I really want to fly out to the capital and visit Lisbon and drive down the coast visiting all the little out of the way towns where I can try the best Portuguese steak and drink Sagres in where other than Sagres! I am a huge fan of cities, I prefer a good wander round looking and trying all the traditional places. I also think I need to be in a warmer climate than this duvet and my hot water bottle.


Visiting places in my own country is a must for me. Living in the North East of England we have some of the best rail networks that zoom up and down the country and that is something I really want to take advantage off. I mean we can reach our capital in less than 2 and a half hours.

So come at me Liverpool. Evelyn Halls I shall get this planned!!


I like to dream about all the places I want to go. Fitting them in with tea lady life is another thing. Iceland is a little dream of mine. I know hardly anything about this country and what it has to offer but boy it look super pretty. One of my fellow tea ladies has really sold this too me, and damn she sold it good. Natural lagoons and caves. I need to go here.


This is my first trip booked! Hurray. I had a list of places I wanted to visit on my 2014 wishlist but sadly did not really get to visit that many places with the new shop renovations and what not, but this year I really want to go for it. I am going to visit one of my best friends as she has just moved up to Scotland last year. We did Edinburgh, which is where she first lived, and now she has moved even further away. It leaves a huge longing for pancakes and Prosecco, but we will be eating and drinking and most definitely laughing life away in only a few weeks.

Where do you want to visit? Come on tea bees inspire me and my ever growing list of dreams x


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