Monday, 17 November 2014


As life has been super busy, what with the new shop and all, date nights have been postponed the last few weeks.

We had a few hours spare one Friday eve, so while paint was drying we decided to go to the fair and that would be our date instead. So off we popped, all wrapped up, to Yarm to check it all out.

Yarm is only a 15 minute drive away from Middlesbrough, a little historic town that has some lovely restaurants, bars and shops. To see this little town illuminated by all the fairground rides was completely different to the sleepy little place I know. 

Candy floss stalls, hook a duck, hot dogs and doughnut stands. I was in my element.

We decided to walk down the whole high street taking in the atmosphere. It was jam packed and we couldn't really move faster than 2mph ,so we scooted off to the pavement at the other end of the high street to take a peek at the gypsy readings and carts. The caravans are so beautiful, with lots of decorations and furnishings, they looked extremely cosy with candles burning inside.

We made our way back, picking out a few rides that we would have a go on. I am not big on rides. I am so scared that I think I am going to die, so this night I was such a brave girl! So brave that if the fair was a dentist, I would most definitely have a sticker... and maybe even a lolly!

After another little walk around, I decided that it was time for hot dogs. We picked out a good stand and took a seat and people watched while we ate our sausages and chips.

Now, the one ride I am ok with is the waltzers and when they are named after your own little pooch, you gotta get on and give home a whirl.

I just love the feel of the waltzers, swinging around unable to life your head off the car because it is going so fast. I laughed all the way around.

Look at how amazing the lights at the fair are. I loved the fair when I was younger and it makes me feel all sentimental. Always wanting to leave with a fish that I was never aloud. Always wanting one of those big teddys that for some reason are unwinnable. Then leaving with a coconut because my brothers were always good at the coconut shy. A coconut! Not much of a consolation prize, but it would do, watching them crack it open and take turns to drink the coconut water. Oh they were the days.

The fair was super fun. So many people having a good time and laughing with their friends and family. I will definitely be heading back to the fair when it comes to town again.

What do you like to do for date nights? The fair was definitely up there with one of the coolest.

Happy Monday x

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