Sunday, 23 November 2014


OK, OK... I am sorry for being all quiet on the blogging front but hey, finishing touches take a lot outta ya!

But better late than never we have week 7 here before your very eyes.

I know plenty of you have been visiting and taking in our new surroundings but for those far and wide, you just have to have the final look. It's the best bit. Like Changing Rooms! The beginning and end are the best bits... you are not really interested in the middle bits where things are getting done up. You want to see the state it was in before and then after when it looks completely different.

So it's coming I promise you!!

Week 7 felt like this tea house was ever so nearly finished, but what was left took forever. We managed to get our lovely wallpaper up, the shelves, the crates, varnished the floor and everything started to take shape. These were taken just before the real work was underway.

I found it hard to visualise the space with no tables and chairs in it, so good old Tea Lady Rachel popped down to save the day and we started to fill up the shop with tables and chairs to bring this tea house to life. Let me tell you, it didn't half make it look nice. The jars were brought in and all the shelves were stocked up with plates, cups, saucers, cake stands... You name it, we stocked it!

As projects do go a little off tangent from time to time, we decided against having the two loos and took one out to make way for a baby change area for all of our yummy mummy tea bees and their little ones. So they are on the way...

Who is excited for the final reveal? We still have plenty to do in terms of hanging more pictures and shelves and getting our window graphics put up but we are open; open and ready for all you lovely people that have supported us over 4 and half years. Without you guys, opening a bigger tea house would not have been possible. We love you as much as we love tea... and cake.


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