Friday, 24 October 2014


I really have been embracing my inner girlieness this month. After my Body Shop Haul, there was no stopping me. I was on a mission to fill my make up bag and bathroom full of treats and things that make these cold nights seem a little more bareable. Who am I kidding, I long for October all year round.

One of my friends was holding a baby shower, so I thought why not put together a little pamper box together for her. I decided to give one of our of independents Pretty Twisted a little go for some bath time treats.

 I am not one for baths - I am more of a shower girl - But these have got me longing for a hot cosy bath. I have promised myself and my skin some 'me' time once all the decorating is complete in the new tea house.

First up we have this little bath bomb. I was so drawn in by the colour and how cute it was - see my girly side is so girly.

It even came in a cake case. And you know me I LOVE CAKE.

There are so many bath bombs to choose from in all different shapes and sizes I wanted them all. I thought come on lets have a little variation and spice. This is so delicate that when you hold it it feels like it's going to melt. I put it in my hands and not only got it to the till in one piece but walking through town, a drive home and it was still in perfect condition to photograph.

This has got to be my favourite. There was something about these red bobbles and probably the fact that it looks like a mini doughnut that could be scoffed down in half a bite. The colours are amazing.

 If I could have bought every mini doughnut bath bomb I would have but I thought it fair that you should all share the love and go and buy one for your very selves and become as fascinated as I am with it.

There was a fair few different hand crafted soaps that were delightful. I saw this one that is in fact watermelon. The scent is amazing. Tied up with a little piece of twine too. This soap was a no brainer. I can't wait to get one for myself to try.

 And last but most certainly not least. I stumbled across this big bath bomb. I was taken away by cuteness and thought hey that good looking one has glitter. It was actually crumbling in my hand.

Now I need to pop back and buy them all for myself. Get me in that bath with all of these around me. I will be smelling a total dream.

Thanks Pretty Twisted I will surely be back for more bath time bombs and soaps.

Have a great weekend x


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