Sunday, 12 October 2014


Clean, clean, clean, that is what we have been doing this week. Getting rid of all that dust. All the building work is really done. You know the knocking through walls, the plumbing and electrics they are all done apart from a few floorboards to be ripped up and relaid, and the last of the wood chip to be stripped. We have been doing more behind the scenes work this week too. The menu is getting finished off, new products will be making an appearance and most importantly those christmas hampers need to be designed. So there is a fair bit to get done. What I am trying to say here, is that we are nearly ready to put paint to those walls.

There has been new ideas flitting about my head this week which is great. I just can't seem to get them all down on paper fast enough.

But everything is good. We have lots of wooden things nearly finished off. I just can't wait to get that oven fired up and get my bake on. Orders have been coming thick and fast the past few weeks and this new oven is just what I needed.

The plastering is finished too. Look at that edge!!

 We also have the front bench all ready to be fixed into place. This was made from those old horrible desks in the back snug room if you cast you mind back to the before pictures? I love nothing more than a good reclaimed piece of wood.

 Next week is all about colour and decorating. Not to mention those windows need a blooming good clean.

I also need to get my move on with them toilet cubicles too.

Have you been enjoying this little project? We will be announcing our opening date soon. So exciting!!

Hope you have had a great weekend x



  1. It's getting there... always have a sneaky look as I walk past :)

    1. Slowly but surely Paul :) We have colour this week. HURRAY x


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