Friday, 3 October 2014


Week 4 has been a blooming pleasure!! I am a visual kinda girl, and once a few bricks had been knocked down and a million deliveries were made, including my brand new baby oven, I felt right back on top of the tea loving world.

It's true my beloved oven arrived this week, all ready for lots of cakes to be baked and brand new recipes to be tried and tested.

I find it really really hard to image this place with the wall still intact, well, before it got knocked thorough. It has opened up the space beautifully letting the light flow right through. I feel a little in love with it.

If you can remember this was a back room (below), with not much light and seemed pretty small. It was the only way you could get to the back section of the shop. Now we have opened it up with the new doorway, we decided to get the plasterboard out and change the whole layout of the ground floor. This gives us space to have a 'real' office. Hurray!

We have counters too!! The wood was reclaimed from the storage room which is now the bathroom, cut down by my wonderful friend to create these fantastic counters to serve from. Lots of space means lots more sweet treats.

 All the plumbing work is now finished and we are ready to get our bake on in the new kitchen. A few more bits of electrical work to be finished along with some plastering and then it is decorating time.

This is the bit where I can't wait to get my Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen hat on and demanding floral prints and soft furnishings.

We have not got an opening date at the moment but we will be open before my favourite holiday. Halloween!! We will be brewing up a storm with all of our delish spicy teas and treats.

Have a great weekend tea lovers x


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