Wednesday, 1 October 2014


With renovations taking over the whole of my life, I am not too sure how I found time to take a few hours out to head into the North Yorkshire Moors and go for tea and cake with some of my favourites. But I did. It was great and a much needed escape from sockets and plasterboard let me tell you.

It was the day before my friends birthday (which I very nearly forgot - I am a bad bad person I really am) So we decided to let him pick where we were to have a bite to eat and take in some of this beautiful autumn weather.

Glebe Cottage is a family run tearoom that has been filling up walkers, cyclists and tourists for over twenty years. You would never have guessed this place used to be a cow byre and wash room.
This little place is about 15 minutes away from Middlesbrough, out on the moors in the village of Kildale.

We love their slogan of 'Muddy bums, boots and pets welcome" made us feel all warm and friendly inside.  Especially with the huge drink selection, not to mention some tasty ales and G&T's.

Food decisions were hard as usual. So I opted for a good old tuna and onion sandwich, which came with plenty of trimmings in the softest white bread -  this was a great choice.

Adam's omelette was packed full of delish ham and took over the whole plate.

It would be rude to come all the way and not have a sweet treat, so I ordered the biggest scone which I didn't manage to finish because it was HUGE, like really HUGE.

It probably didn't help that I also ordered some Yorkire Tea Loaf "When in Rome". The sweet sweet loaf layered with some real butter and a swig of piping hot tea went down a treat. It really is what dreams are made of.

The birthday boy decided to go for a Black Sheep Ale.

The sun decided to hang around long enough to take some pictures outside. Look at baby Eli with him mum! We are so lucky to have such amazing places nearby.

Even if it does make you into a dribbly mess. I blame myself feeding him my yummy scone, his tastebuds had no chance.

There is even a little BBQ hut, which their newest edition and I can't wait to try it out. For just £15 an hour you can hire this little beauty out for up to 8 people and have a cosy party. Perfect for this time of year.

As you know I love a good independent and always have my ear to the ground but I would not have known this place was here if it wasn't suggested to us. It is a little out of the way down some country lanes but if you love to soak in the North Yorkshire Moors and have an afternoon free, get yourselves over there for a tea and take in some breath taking views right on our doorstep x



  1. Looks lovely I am going for lunch tomorrow. Actually going with Mary Mulholland she said you know her. Your blog inspired us to check it out

    1. Awwww yes I know Mary :) Hope you have a lovely autumn day where the sun is shining and you can take in the countryside. Enjoy and let me know what you think x


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