Monday, 8 September 2014


As you know we are moving shop... literally! To a bigger, more fantastic Tea House, situated right next door to our current location.

This road is real old let me tell you! Which means all the buildings are real old, with real old fixtures, real old windows and real old lights, floors and walls... you name it, and its probably REAL old.

As you can see from these little pre-photos it was previously used professionally. In fact, I think it was an insurance company's office and there's plenty of holes where cables have been taken out.

This first room will be the new Tea House. The ceiling is going to be changed. I can't wait to see what is under that suspended ceiling (we are expecting lots more cables).

I tend to panic when it comes to this sort of thing. I am a little bit of a control freak and when I can't physically do something myself I think, and think, and think some more, no matter how long it takes, until I come up with a solution that means it can be done. This all sounds crazy, because deep down I know the task is achievable, and far more easily than I originally thought. But when I have these crazy ideas (to renovate old buildings and start up my own business etc. etc.) I just need that 'right' person, someone who just gets what I mean and understands my vision before I start to spiral and begin to really irritate everyone around me - apologies Tea Ladies!! I think there is only so much talk about plug sockets and conduit that they can handle.

This is the second little room that keeps getting called 'The Snug'. Please, feel free to give me your suggestions for other titles for this little room. This will be another seating area, but hopefully a little bit more chilled and relaxed.

I love the light that we have in this place. It really is different to the Tea House we have now. I don't want to lose that cosiness so plenty of soft furnishings is a must.

This little storage room is going to be the bathroom. ARGH, I'm totally out of my depth with this room, I keep focussing on other aspects of the new Tea House because I don't want to be dreaming of sinks and hand dispensers all evening, which will most likely be the case soon.

So there you have it: a newer, bigger and exciting Tea House is heading your way!

Plenty of work to be done, lots of chipboard wallpaper to be stripped and floorboards to be pulled.I better skip to it.

Keep up to date with the renovations by popping back to see us on this little journey.




  1. Name suggestion for your "little room" - how about continuing the tea theme and going with "the cosy" or "the tea cosy"?! Can picture a hand-made sign above the door frame and a few knitted tea cosy's dotted about.. Maybe even a competition for your customers to celebrate opening the new place - best tea cosy gets a prize :D

    1. This is fantastic Paul!! I love the name and love the idea. Every pot needs a tea cosy too.. :) x

  2. I'd be really interested to see the photos after you've completed all the renovations. I bet the place will be unrecognisable! As for the little room by what's going to be the toilet, why not turn it into a cloakroom? Maybe that's an extravagant use of the space because I don't know many tea houses with a cloakroom, but why now?

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response

    1. Hi Regina,
      You can see the finished shop in this blog post below..

      A cloakroom would have been a good idea I agree but we needed a toilet for our customers and this was the best space to install one.

      Hope you like what we did with the place x


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