Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I know I am still going on about my London trip but how can I not when I ate so many burgers?

Off to MEATliquor I went. This was a place I really had no idea about. I had heard so many things from other burger enthusiasts it was hard to pinpoint what exactly to expect: - it's dark, its got things drawn on the wall, the burgers are great. It turned out to be all of these things and more!

From the outside the place doesn't look open. People are just walking past, not batting an eyelid that the mother of burgers is right there!! We were greeted by a nearly full, dimly lit and heavily graffitied den of a mother licking burger bar with one table awaiting us like we stumbled into heaven.

The menu was great with plenty of different burger choices, hot dogs and plenty of sides. I am sucker for sides. I went for the green chilli burger without ketchup! There was plenty in there for this burger not to be dry and the condiments on the table filled your burger up even more if you wished. I am a huge fan of filling my burger up.

I had a side of deep fried gerkins with blue cheese sauce which were to die for. I have actually been eating gerkins all week thanks to these burger joints. Nothing wrong with slapping a gherkin on everything now is there?

 We shared fries, in fact we shared 'hippie fries' which had a topping of onions and a mustardy sauce with a little lick of spice.

 Now, as I mentioned this place was dingy, it was dark, but it was totally cool. The inevitable happened when I managed to slosh some hippie fries down my dress... classy I know. For a second I thought I'd get away with it: "it will be fine it's a creamy sort of sauce". HELLO SUNLIGHT - this sauce was LUMINOUS, a real bright green shade that I had to hide from passers-by, guilty of my burger eating and the fact they hadn't had the chance to devour a whole plate of hippie fries. You really need to try these if you visit, they are unbelievable.

An ice cold beer was needed of course to cool the heat from the green chilli burger. These Hobo beers were just the ticket and the glass was about the size of my little pea head.

There is even a photo booth right in the centre of Meatliquor. You can get your photo taken and if they like it they will buy if from you. I didn't think they would appreciate my burger stained self so I gave it a miss this time.

Lots of time and effort has gone into making this place look very different from any the other burger bars I have been to. It was very relaxed and had a gothic feel due to the dome ceiling and porthole windows. I think that atmosphere really made this burger joint and I'd go as far as to say this bar had the best burgers on this London trip...yes its out there Meatliquor was my favourite burger.

Until next time burger wars... x

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