Friday, 22 August 2014


We are HUGE Earl Grey fans over at Tea House HQ, so thought it would fit best if we introduced my favourite, the Duchess Earl Grey.

A super charged Earl Grey with plenty of bergamot oil, rose petals, lemon peel, orange peel and them delish (the selling point for me) lime leaves. Anything with a hint of lime and I'm yours. Look at the amazing colours in the loose leaf.

I am sucker for tea with milk on a morning, I just need my Yorkshire to wake me up, but this little dream tea is so fresh and fruity it is the perfect alternative for me as a breakfast tea.

We have a fair few Earl Grey's in our collection now, Earl Grey Blue Flower, Cream Earl Grey, French Lavender Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey,  Earl Grey and Rooibos Earl Grey, which is a must for all of you who don't drink caffeine. Once you've tasted one Earl Grey you have to try the rest! The Cream Earl Grey is very popular, infused with the creamiest vanilla, it is so dreamy.

A lemon danish is the perfect accompaniment to a pot of Duchess. So lemony and sweet. I can actually inhale one of these and a pot in about 5 seconds. It's not pretty let me warn you but very fulfilling.

Considering that the weather in Middlesbrough over the past few days has been decidedly miserable I brought out some summery crockery to sit back and enjoy while demolishing that danish.
I sure feel some autumnal teas cropping up on Tea of the Week soon. And I can assure you there are some real delights!

Instead of wishing our summer away (which I certainly am not) I have embraced this season! This is unusual for me as I am a winter lover. However, this summer I have been baring them legs and loving life. Yet, this week has seen a shift into sporting wooly tights and knitted cardigans once more.

I wanted to share with you these little guys: 'T-Sacs'. They are unbleached disposable tea bags that make our tea lives that little bit easier. All you have to do is pop in some loose leaf and and put it in the pot for your desired brewing time.  These sacs are bio degradable too which means you can pop them on the compost.

We sell them over in our Etsy Store which you can visit by clicking here and in store. 10 Tea Sac's for £1.00 or a packet of 100 for £7.50.

Our range of Earl Grey's can be found on Etsy too, where a bag a Duchess is £4.00 for 50g - £7.50 for 100g.

Get trying them out tea lovers you will not be disappointed. X


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