Friday, 18 July 2014


Now I am a sucker for a good working mens club, the smell of old mucky beer. the stale stench of cigarette soaked chairs and the fact they only sell peanuts and the odd pickled egg. I would choose to go see a band in a mucky pub like this any day of the week. You know, one where the regulars don't really know what going on or why all of the Newcastle Brown has all been drank by these "youngsters",  listening to "that racket". What's not to love?!

Last Thursday we were invited to pop along to watch the band Fatherson at The Westgarth Social Club. They were great.

As I spend most of my time being a Tea Lady and baking I thought it was time I ventured out and accepted this invitation, and boy was I glad I did!

I have a real strange taste in music. Like really strange. I can't find a 'genre' that fits the bill and trying to describe it is even worse.

I tried putting these guys into a genre and failed. But my good-old trusty friend gets to the point " they're just Scottish" - and yes, yes they are. So here's a little about Fatherson: They are a four-piece band based in Glasgow. They've supported Panic at the Disco, Feeder and Idlewild. They have also had their sweet tunes played on BBC Radio 1's Introducing playlist and rocked out at T in the Park this year. These guys are a must-go-see!

I love going to see a band in a small room. There is something a little bit more special about it, don't you think?

I love that people play bingo here (I am a sucker for a game of bingo) and that it holds little functions, vintage fayres and games nights. It's place where a lot of memories are made. The Westgarth is a little out of the town centre, away from the bigger venues, and the average price for a ticket is about £7.

The gig had a good-old raffle too. It really got the excitement flowing. It's always good to win. Unfortunately, I only managed a nearly win!

The guys over at The Kids Are Solid Gold, the promoters, are ALL about being local, being independent and making sure everyone is having a great blooming time. Hi Andy!!

With plenty more great ideas in the pipeline stay posted for what coming up!!

Tickets for the Westgath are available in store at The Olde Young Tea House.

Come on now keep your local music scene alive and join in the party.

This is not a sponsored post, Fatherson were just really good!


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