Monday, 30 June 2014


Well hello again tea lovers. HAPPY MONDAY! We have a delightful Tea of the Week in store for you: COFFEE & AMARETTO. You can find it over in our Esty store by clicking here.

I usually let tea lady Livvy choose the TOTW beasuse she has a great memory and enjoys mixing up the flavours, meaning you don't have to endure repetitve flavours the week after. Now, I love a good Yorkshire Tea but can't have that every week! We know you all like to try something a different. Through promoting TOTW, we hope to get you hooked on new flavours you maybe wouldn't have tried.

So, a little about this tea: Rooibos, also know as Red Bush, is a South African Leaf of lovely reddish, orange colour and taste. I feel I can taste them, sometime. Strange I know. But I do.

This Rooibos is sooo delicious and a favourite of those who don't like caffeine. All Red Bush is caffeine free, meaning you can drink till your hearts content without thinking you are going to be kept awake all night.

If you like the taste of coffee then this is the tea for you! Oh, and amaretto - everyone loves amaretto. That sweet marzipan creamy taste with a kick of coffee flavour is just a divine combination.

We brew this for 3-4 minutes depending how strong we are feeling. The tea is perfect on it's own, but can tolerate a little milk if you fancy a splash.

50g £4.50 100g £8.50

Well there you have it, our first Tea of the Week. Enjoy x


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